Kurtis Blow – Recovering from successful heart transplant surgery

On Sunday (Dec. 6), hip hop icon Kurtis Blow underwent a heart transplant surgery in Los Angeles, California, according to the Washington Informer.

His wife told the outlet that he is now recovering at home and the surgery was successful. “He is out of surgery. Keep the prayers and praises up. God does all things well,” she wrote on Monday (Dec. 7).

The “Basketball” emcee, whose real name is Kurtis Walker, has had a history of heart issues. Back in 2016, he went into cardiac arrest near a mall in Woodland Hills. He collapsed right in front of the four police officers who were there to check out a nearby disturbance. He was rushed to the hospital and later thanked the officers for saving his life.

“They got there so fast,” Walker said. “If they got there any later, I would have died. I want to thank the officers from the bottom of my heart, no pun intended.”

In 2019, he reportedly underwent surgery to repair an aortic artery. While recovering from that surgery, he was rushed back to the emergency room for a second procedure.

Walker is certainly a legend in hip hop. In 1979, he became the first rapper to sign a major record deal. Later that year, he released “Christmas Rappin,’” which has sold more than 400,000 copies and became a holiday staple. The New York native followed up with “The Breaks,” which went gold and helped launch the careers of The Fat Boys and Run-DMC. Over the span of 11 years, he released several albums, which included the hit singles “Basketball,” “8 Million Stories,” “Party Time” and “AJ Scratch.”

Most recently, Walker became co-founder of the Universal Hip Hop Museum, which is set to open their doors in 2023. They were recently awarded a $3.5 million grant from the state of New York to support the project.

“Our mission is to use technology of today to tell this story of the history of hip hop,” he previously told PIX11 News. “We’re talking avatars and holograms and virtual reality, and another thing is interaction with the kids.”

The REVOLT team is wishing Walker a speedy recovery.


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