Danish Artists: NaabS and Naija Gyal Shine in Vilnius, Lithuania (Empowering Melodies)

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In a celebration of cultural exchange and musical collaboration, Vilnius, Lithuania, is set to host a groundbreaking project that brings together rising stars and seasoned mentors. Two talented young women from Denmark, Nabila Shiraz, known as NaabS, and Anni Malaika Vinther Dansholt, aka Naija Gyal, are set to embark on an inspiring journey under the guidance of their mentor, Ray Andres. This dynamic trio will collaborate with local schools and perform at various cultural venues in the Baltic country, marking a significant step in their musical careers.

The Artists: NaabS and Naija Gyal

NaabS: The Resilient Voice

NaabS is more than just a stage name for Nabila Shiraz; it represents resilience and determination. As a young mother co-raising her son Mason, NaabS faces the daily challenge of balancing motherhood with her burgeoning music career. Despite the sacrifices of time, money, and energy, she perseveres with unwavering determination and a bright smile, aiming to secure a promising future for both herself and Mason. Her journey is a testament to the power of perseverance and the unyielding pursuit of one’s dreams.

Naija Gyal: The Emerging Star

At just 18 years old, Naija Gyal is already making waves in the music industry with her commanding voice and unique style. Primarily a rapper, she seamlessly blends lyrical rhythms and hums to create a distinctive sound. Naija Gyal is eager to expand her lyrical content and establish her name in the competitive music field. Her participation in this project represents a significant opportunity to refine her craft and gain invaluable experience.

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The Mentor: Ray Andres

Ray Andres has been instrumental in shaping the careers of NaabS and Naija Gyal. His mentorship extends beyond musical guidance to include critical industry knowledge. From registering their music and brand with associations like KODA Denmark to ensuring digital distribution through Distrokid, Ray’s efforts are focused on empowering the artists to take proactive steps in their careers. His guidance ensures that the girls are well-prepared for the complexities of the music industry.

The Producer: Paul Monroe

The musical backbone of this project is Lithuanian producer Pavelas Rodevicius, aka Paul Monroe. With over 200 tracks produced in genres ranging from Dance and EDM to R&B, soul, rap, and rock, Paul Monroe brings a wealth of experience and diversity. His formal musical background and familial influence in music make him adept at translating the artists’ visions into reality. His collaboration with NaabS and Naija Gyal promises to be a fusion of fresh ideas and seasoned expertise.

The Cultural Exchange in Vilnius

The highlight of this project is the cultural exchange and performances planned in Vilnius. The artists will engage with local youth at the Lithuanian Polish school PSKG, organizing theme days where they will perform and co-create songs with the students. This interaction aims to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of music across cultures.

The group will also participate in AfroBeat Rhythms, a vibrant cultural event at LOFTAS, a renowned venue in the heart of Vilnius. This event will showcase their talents and introduce the Lithuanian audience to the energetic and soulful Afro vibes.

To cap off their visit, NaabS, Naija Gyal, and Ray Andres will perform at The Bronx, a popular billiard club located on Constitution Street near Europa Mall and the White Bridge. This performance promises to be a memorable night of music, bringing together both old hits and new tracks, resonating with the diverse audience of Vilnius.

A Journey of Growth and Connection

This musical project in Vilnius is not just a series of performances; it is a journey of growth, learning, and cultural connection. For NaabS and Naija Gyal, it is a chance to refine their artistry, gain international exposure, and connect with a new audience. Under the mentorship of Ray Andres and the production expertise of Paul Monroe, these young artists are set to make a lasting impression in the Baltic music scene. This collaboration exemplifies the transformative power of music and the importance of supporting emerging talent in their quest for artistic excellence.

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